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This site is all about Chromebooks.  So if you want to find out what Chromebooks (and Chromeboxes) are all about, you’ve come to the right place.

I started this site with what follows below in June 2012. Fast forward now to 2014 and the advantages of Chromebooks have become apparent to more and more people. So much so in fact that they consistently feature in Amazon’s top 10 selling laptops section.

And the really good news is there are Chromebook Models starting at around $200. If you’re in a hurry, there’s a handy (US and UK) resource available via the link below to check out the prices and specs of the current Chromebook Range:-

Current Chromebook Model Range

When I first heard about Chromebooks in May 2012, I did a little bit of research on the net and came across some negative comments. But when I dug a little deeper, I found some more enlightened souls who were able to grasp and explain what Chromebooks were really about. As a result I took the plunge and bought one of the original Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks.

I used that first Series 5 model on a daily basis for over a year. My daughter also liked using it so much that I decided to give it to her and it still performs as well now for her as it did the day it came out of its box. In fact, it works even better thanks to the (seamless) upgrades that Google have made to the operating system.

After gifting my original Chromebook, I treated myself to one of the later Samsung Series 5 550 models and that’s the one I’m still using today to update this site.

As a result of my first (and lasting impressions) of using a Chromebook, I decided to create this website to explain why I think Chromebooks are great… and maybe even in the process help to redress the balance a little by “flying the flag” for Chromebooks :-).

If you want to read a little more about me and this site, have a look at the “About” page, but in the meantime, my Chromebook story continues below:-

Now and again, do you buy something that you really take a shine to?  It only happens once in a while where something really hits the spot for me.

Off the top of my head, here’s a quick list of my favorite purchases:-

  • Two cars that I’ve had (out of about 10).
  • The first inkjet printer I bought (seems like many moons ago).
  • A Seiko watch that I really liked (and still have amongst others).
  • A secondhand Nikon F2 SLR Camera.
  • The first IBM ThinkPad laptop that I bought.

We all buy lots of things over the years and if you think about it, you would probably be able to name quite a few of your favorite purchases too.

Well… to my list above, I’m going to add a Samsung Chromebook as it falls fairly and squarely into one of my all-time top buys.

A Chromebook is great. Unlike a conventional laptop, it loads in a few seconds and is ready to “rock ‘n’ roll” virtually straight away. Here’s a screenshot of the Desktop (with one of the standard wallpapers):-

Chromebook Desktop(Click on image for larger size)

There’s no ability to load conventional programs like Microsoft Word etc. but it doesn’t really matter as there are plenty of free apps available to do all the usual sorts of things anyway. Word processors, spreadsheets, photo editors, games etc. and a whole lot more are all available via the Chrome Store.

Chrome Store(Click on image to have a peek into the Chrome Store)

And there’s more… Microsoft and Adobe for example have both chipped in with free online (lighter) versions of their top line programs. (More on this later… check out the “How To” Section in the left-hand sidebar).

I can even print from my Chromebook via the Google Cloud system. (Also in the “How To” Section).

But above all else, instant access to the Internet via a Broadband Wi-Fi signal is just fantastic and the battery in the original Samsung Series 5 lasts for about 8 hours before needing re-charged. My new Samsung Series 5 550 battery lasts a bit less at around 6 hours… probably due to the slightly beefier Intel Celeron processor fitted. Funny thing is though, both seem to perform much the same. Maybe if I were to open loads of tabs or windows at the same time, there might be a difference, but there’s really not that much in it. Bottom line is that they both perform very smartly and operate just as fast as my Intel i5 Desktop PC when browsing the web.

Unlike an iPad (yes, I’ve got one of those too, and no, it doesn’t qualify for my favorites list) Chromebooks can play Flash Videos. And also unlike an iPad, Chromebooks have a proper keyboard that makes general typing, filling in forms etc a cinch. I like my iPad and its virtual keyboard is actually very good but it’s just kind of awkward at times and the lack of Flash support is a pretty serious omission.

A Chromebook is a great “grab and go” machine. I don’t think twice about picking it up to quickly look up something on the Internet whereas before with my laptop it was much more of a thought. No sitting around for ages waiting on a hard disc loading Windows and updating heaven only knows what before being able to do anything.

The Internet, Emails, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Games, Weather, News etc… you name it, they’re all accessible in 10 seconds or less from a standing start on a Chromebook.

No missing chunks from web pages either. Apart from the iPad Flash Videos problem mentioned above, some websites are actually built using Flash. Try looking up Fiat.com for example on an iPad and you’ll see something like this:-

fiat.com_on_ipad(Click on image for larger size)

The same site viewed on a Chromebook shows the  missing “Flash” content that you would see on any regular PC or Mac like this:-

fiat.com_on_chromebook(Click on image for larger size)

Side Note Here.
The two screen-shots above were captured using my iPad and Chromebook. If you’re interested in how to do stuff like this I’ve included a page about capturing screenshots on a Chromebook, PC, Mac, iPad,  iPhone and iPod Touch.
It’s available via the “How To” Section in the left-hand sidebar or at this direct link:-
How to capture a screenshot.

There are no anti-virus programs needed for a Chromebook and any updates to the Chrome Operating System are automatic and seamless. There are just no delays in doing anything.

No expensive software to buy or update is a real bonus too and this is something that definitely should not be overlooked.

I think Chromebooks are the future. They make laptops seem old-fashioned and overkill for at least 95% of what most of us actually use our computers for every day.

But for the full story on what a Chromebook actually is and how it fits in with Laptops, Netbooks, Ultrabooks etc. please check out my explanation at this page:-  What is a Chromebook