Wireless Mouse for Chromebook

I wondered if a standard wireless mouse would work okay with a Chromebook. Would there be any problems for instance about not being able to install a driver to enable the mouse to work?

Chromebook Wireless Mouse

I had a look around and bought a Hewlett-Packard Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse to try it out. The reason for choosing this particular mouse was that on the back of the packaging it stated (amongst other things) “no driver for easy setup”.

I first tried it out on my Windows 7 Desktop PC and it worked just fine.  It did take a few seconds while the PC “installed new hardware” and this made me wonder if this meant some sort of driver was needed for it to work. And if so, would that mean it would not work with my Chromebook?

No need to worry though, as when I plugged the USB dongle into my Chromebook, the mouse worked straight away. Faster even than with the PC as it just worked instantly!

Now, does this mean that all wireless mice will work with a Chromebook?
I don’t know for sure, but what I can say for certain is that the HP Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse worked right off the bat with my Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook.

Points worth mentioning from what was printed on the packaging:-

  • 1750 CPI high precision sensor.
  • Slim receiver stores in mouse.
  • Energy efficient 6 month battery life.
  • No driver for easy setup.
  • 1 Standard AA size battery included.
  • HP Product No. VK479AA#ABB.

The USB dongle is not one of the really tiny ones that you often see with a wireless mouse but it is very slim and about the same length as a USB Flash Memory Drive. It needs to be inserted with the “HP” logo showing upwards, as due to its slimness, I think it would be possible to insert it the wrong way up. The dongle can be easily clipped into the base of the mouse for easy storage and convenience when travelling.

The mouse itself measures approx 3.75″ in length, has rubber coated sides and has the usual two buttons and a scroll wheel and works very well. It operates using a single AA battery which was supplied.

So all in all, I think this HP Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse is a good buy and a useful accessory for a Chromebook.

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